Strange Things Happen in Bone Academy Chapter 5

At Lady Arabeth’s place, Jacquelyn was a bit shocked at what she had wrought.

She had turned a ring that she was wearing into a box and also had performed her first memory charm. By removing the memory of when she had first met Harry Potter, she had eliminated scores of other memories, memories that followed the meeting with him.

But was it the right thing to do, she asked herself.

On one hand, it was the logical thing to do. By removing any memories that she had of Harry Potter, she had effectively removed herself from the problem of having to deal with Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore.

But on the other hand, was it right for her to remove the memories of having met her other friends?

“Not unless I removed their memor—wait,” she cried out.

Yes,” said Lady Arabeth.

“Is it possible to remove yourself from a certain person’s memories?” Jacquelyn cried out. She could have slapped herself for not thinking about that earlier.

“Indeed you can,” said Lady Arabeth. She handed the book to the girl and said, “On this page, write down the names of those you wish to remove yourself from. Be forewarned, as you write the person’s name down, all their memories of you will vanish. Every single picture they have of you will be altered.”

Jacquelyn took the book and began writing. She decided now to make the spell irreversible, just in case she weakened later on in life. As far as she knew, she certainly was done living as a wizard.


Charlie frowned as he laid on the couch in the living room. He refused to go near his bedroom, not how he had spoken to Manfred and certainly not the way he had reacted. What person acts like this, he thought to himself.

Certainly someone like Manfred Bloor, that’s who.

Charlie really didn’t want to be in the house right now, so he forced himself up and went outside. The weather had changed; it was dark and stormy. Not exactly the kind of weather to go walking in.

Manfred saw him and said, “Look, Charlie, we really need to talk.”

“Oh, so now you want to talk,” Charlie snapped at him. “Excuse me, but I seem to recall you saying that you’re not a sad sappy little boy. So no, we won’t be talking.”

“Oh, we will be talking, Charlie Bone,” Manfred snapped at him. We will be talking, that’s for sure.”

Charlie tried to walk away, but Manfred seized him and dragged him back towards his house and straight to his room. He tossed Charlie onto his bed and locked the door, saying, “You won’t be going anywhere until we’ve had our talk. Don’t you dare try to wiggle your way out of this one!”

Charlie frowned and crossed his arms in anger. This was going to take a while.


Jacquelyn frowned as she stared at the list of names that she had written down: Harry Potter. Ron Weasley. Hermione Granger. Neville Longbottom. Remus Lupin. She shook her head, knowing that when she wrote their names, all memories that they had of her would forever vanish.

She comtemplated writing down Albus Dumbledore, but recanted. He would have to answer for his crimes of killing the Ulrich family. For some reason, however, she couldn’t bring herself to write down the name Magnus Kroger; she had known him BEFORE they attended Hogwarts and it would seem cruel of her to force him to forget her.

When she had finished with the list of names, Jacquelyn set down the pen. Lady Arabeth saw the names and shook her head, saying, “Such a shame they must forget about you. But why must they never remember you?”

“Their loyalty was to a man who killed my family,” said Jacquelyn. “But in writing myself out of their lives, they will believe that I never existed and perhaps Albus Dumbledore will get the justice that he deserves. If they forget me, then maybe they could recall someone else who was in my shoes. The human mind can create false memories, if that is true.”

“It is decidedly so,” said Lady Arabeth, “but what of your own name?” Jacquelyn stared at her. “You may have written yourself out of their lives, but if you were to meet them, they could somehow recall you. We can’t have that, or can we?”

“We’ve already spoken about that,” said Jason, who was still in the room. “We both agreed that she should not be using her name, but she will use the name Katelyn.”

“Indeed,” said Lady Arabeth. “There is a call for a missing girl, aged 13, who is blond with green eyes. We must alter her appearance immediately.

“We shall,” said Jason. “What did you have in mind?”

“My mother had blond hair, but she hated it,” said Jacquelyn. “She was always dyeing it black.”

“Maybe black hair isn’t so bad,” said Lady Arabeth. “While we’re at it, we shall change your eyes to a turquoise color and give you a lighter complexion. We must do this now or else it’ll be too late.”

Jacquelyn nodded. She knew that she was on her way to freedom, but there seemed to be a nagging question on her mind: was she doing the right thing by essentially destroying her own life in pursuit of escaping from Dumbledore and Harry? What about Nichollo? What would he say if he knew of what she was doing?

To that question, there would be no answer.


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