Charlie Bone on the Fantasy Central Channel


Hogwarts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Believe it or not, I’ve got some Charlie Bone fan fiction that’s going to be featured on the Fantasy Central Blog.

The stories are as follows:

  1. Of Bones and Campbells
  2. Rational Charlie Bone (title pending)
  3. Harry Potter and the Children of the Red King
  4. Strange Things Happen at Bone Academy
  5. A Yewbeam Summer
  6. A Charlie Bone movie
  7. A Charlie Bone Legacy
  8. Charlie Bone and the Mysterious Students
  9. Charlie Bone and the Revenge of the Sorcerer
  10. Charlie Bone vs. Twilight
  11. Boneless at Hogwarts
  12. Charlie Bone and the Return of the Boa

Plus, the characters in the Children of the Red King series will be featured in the following stories:

  1. Jacquel Rassenworth raids
  2. Forced Together
  3. Fowl’s 11
  4. Demigod Team
  5. Tell me a story
  6. Fandom Park
  7. The Fandom Games

Well, I do have a crapload of Charlie Bone fan fiction that needs to be published, so I will get started with them immediately.


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