Charlie Bone “F”: Because Children of Red Kings are Funnier Than Famous Boy Wizards!

Jacquel in Charlie Bone

Jacquel in Charlie Bone (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

In a kingdom of magic, in an age of suffering and sorcery, a girl seeks to avert what could be the biggest disaster  that the world would never see…

Imagine if Jacquelyn-Claire Ulrich turned down the invitation to attend Hogwarts. What if she had the decency to say no to magic? Here’s what would happen…

Jacquel says no to the letter from Hogwarts, but she accepts an invitation to attend Bloor’s Academy. In this new situation, the young spellcaster is pushed into a world populated by the Children of the Red King, an elite group of children who claim descent from a magician known as the Red King. Jacquel is a wild card and her allegiances are unclear. Will she side with the good endowed or the wicked endowed?

I’ll have the story ready soon!


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