Charlie Bone “F”: Because Children of Red Kings are Funnier Than Boy Wizards

If you thought that “Harry Potter and the Children of the Red King” was bad, then you haven’t exactly lived to read this story.

It’s much better than that.

Much better.

That was because we have a certain female character who we carefully removed from the world of Harry Potter fan fiction and decided to inject her into Charlie Bone’s story.

Why have we done this, you ask?

First off, we were getting sick and tired of seeing Jacquel Romanov always  hanging out with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Grainger in every single piece of fan fiction that we’ve read (which NEVER should have happened in the first place, to be honest). Plus, Jacquel is about 11 years younger than the so-called “Golden Trio”, so why would she be hanging out with them, anyway?

(By the time that Harry faced off against Lord Voldemort, Jacquel was just seven years old.)

How’s about we pretend that the Harry Potter series never happened for all intents and purposes of this story, shall we? (That way, we won’t needlessly complicate things)

Anyway, the year is 2002, and Jacquelyn-Claire Ulrich is now 11 years old. Instead of getting the call to attend Hogwarts, she moves to a new town to attend a new school. And guess which school she attends?

Meanwhile, Charlie Bone is 10 years old and dealing with his endowment when yet another endowed student joins Bloor’s Academy. Everyone is wondering about the wildcard spellcaster; would she join Charlie’s group of good endowed or the cruel endowed?

(Next week, the story begins!)

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