Who Says That You Can’t Go Home Again (Charlie Bone vs. Twilight Part II)

Wanted: Charlie Brown

Wanted: Charlie Brown (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

Griselda was very happy to have her only grandson back.

She had a huge meal prepared for him and called her sisters Eustacia and Lucretia and they came to her house. Charlie went into his old room (which had not been cleaned since he was two years old) and set his bags down; he’d have to see about cleaning up later.

At dinner, Griselda drilled him with questions regarding Amy and Maisie; Charlie was a bit reluctant to discuss his mother’s remarriage, but he did list his reasons for returning to Trilinocway .

Lucretia stood up and said, “And as far as I know, there is the question of where you will be attending school…”

“We have narrowed it down to two schools,” said Eustacia. “It’s either Trilinocway High School or Bloor’s Academy of Fine Arts.”

“Fine arts,” Charlie frowned as he repeated those words. For as long as he could remember, he could never draw a picture correctly, nor was he able to play any musical instrument. And for Halloween, no matter what costume Amy stuffed him into, he could only look the part of Charlie Bone.

“I guess Bloor’s is out of the question then,” said Griselda. “I’ll take him to get enrolled at Trilinocway High in the morning.”

Just then the door opened; Paton Yewbeam had walked into the house. He said, “Now what’s this about Charlie coming back and nobody telling me?”

“Paton,” said Griselda, “you have been knowing for weeks that Charlie would be coming home, and yet you say nothing but show up at the last hour.” She and Paton had been estranged for many years since Griselda’s own marriage and Lyell’s birth.

“And yet, Charlie decided to show up,” said Paton. “And why he did, I don’t want to know.”

Charlie frowned and Lyell said, “Uncle Paton and your grandmother haven’t gotten along since their mother’s death. Don’t think that he doesn’t like you; he just needs time to adjust to you being around.”

“I hope so,” said Charlie. He wasn’t too fond of Paton Yewbeam and Paton had gone out of his way to avoid social contacts. For several years, his sisters had tried to set him up with any single woman they knew in hopes of getting him married off and continuing the Yewbeam family name. So far, their efforts were in vain.

“So, you’re sending him off to Trilinocway High School,” said Paton. “For shame. You’d think he would be Bloor’s material.”

“You do know that Charlie cannot draw, play an instrument, or even wear a costume on Halloween,” said Eustacia, “and I have my reasons to believe that an endowment is out of the question. High school is the only thing we have for him.”

Charlie nodded, knowing that he never liked to stand out in the crowd. But he knew that very soon, something big was going to happen to him…

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