Charlie Bone and the 1/16th blood space queen by Phoenix Love

Authors Note;

I am writing this novel because I am a fan of Charlie Bone. However its become clear to me that the creators of it have got some things wFideliog and clearly don’t care about making it good. I am talking mostly of “the problem” with Charlie and Amethyst.

This fic is my attempt to correct that.
By supporting this fic I hope to get a group of elite Charlie Bone writers working with this new canon and to establish this as the truth of what actually happened. Hopefully the original creators will see the demand and make this official. Perhaps even pay us because we are fixing their mistakes.
If you wish to join my new canon, feel free to write your own story but you must submit it to me for approval. You can use my email ;
You can also send constructive reviews there, but no petty criticisms. If I get motivations muddled,its because my cat distracted me.
Also, if you don’t like my story you don’t have to have read it.

Anyway, and now on with the real story of how things actually happened;
The seeker, Harken and Amethyst were all sitting in their house that they owned one day
The witch felt really dperessed one day. She had just found out that she was adopted. Her real parents turned out to be nobels from Europe. They had a upper class skyscrapper and were mighty richt! But she had none of that richness around. It made her feel pretty bad about herself so she listened to some good music. A/N like Evanessence and Within Temptation but also like My Chemical Romance

But long she did not have to be depressed as the brown eyed boy came in and held her hand (they had falled in love at the end of the story see). And he said: “I love oyu so much, it hurts. What is wFideliog with you? If you feel bad then I feel bad.”
So Olivia Vertigo told him the whole story. He was shocked to hear this and said “I’m really shocked to hear this! Your parents are monsters!”
“Which ones?”
“All four of them, I don’t like them. As much as I don’t like Luna Lovegood!”
And that was a lot because Olivia knew that Charlie Bone hated the strange witch because she was unbelievably stupid and fat.
But Charlie took out a letter, “this had just arrived,” said Charlie .
The brunette openend the envolupe and inside was an invitation:
“Most Esteemed the brunette said the message”
“You are condord invited to the royal ball of your parents. Your real parents, miss.”
“We hope to see you soon. Most esteamly yours, dutchess!”

Oh my, said Vertigo this is rad!. But Charlie was a little sceptic: “Maybe it’s a trick.”
“Why?” said the witch
“Because there are…. rumours. Of Harken still being around!”
“Surely he could not come all the way to Europe!?” said the brown eyed girl confidently because she didn’t think that the dark lord could travel that far.
“Hurm,” said Charlie contagiously, “we just have to be careful.”
“Hold on,” exlciamed Olivia Vertigo, there is something else in the invitation!
“Princess Olivia, hereby we also bestow upon you the keys to the cage of a flying unicorn your parents have provided you with. Also, whenever you hold this key in your hand, your powers are increased”
the brown eyed girl was really happy with that but also felt a little bad for Charlie Bone. After they had a relaction ship, the bespacled boy had taught her his Magic and she picked it up really well! She was now even better at Charlie at the Magic!

So they went and picked up the flying unicorn. It was really quick and agile and flew around them like it really enjoyed itself! It took a moment but with enough training and perversion, Olivia trained it to her will! Now they could go and visit their parents!
But little did they know that the invitation was not from Olivia’s european nobel parents, but from the quirky blonde instead! And she had teamed up with Harken!
Meanwhile Amethyst joined the evil endowed.–
(A/N this is more goth than usually but I really like it this way! )

It looked like Harken had sought the bespacled boy out! Ever since the green eyed boy’s parents told him that he was in fact a half vampire (or a dhampire), he had feared being discovered by he-who-must-not-be-named (Harken) especially after Charlie Bone remembred the terrible secret of his past.

Olivia looked with concerned at Charlie , “what is wrong Charlie Bone?”

The seeker did not wait to answer her. He turned on one of his new found vampire powers and listened to Harken’s commands.
Harken was commanding his lackeys to search the musician out. After villain had given them cookies andmanically asked Ezekiel had discovred the truth behind Potter! And he told his henchmen that he had.
“I have discovered the secret behind Charlie ‘s percentage” the dark wizard told his henchmen.

His lackeys smiled wickedly and took their weapons and rushed into the shopping centre . They had no concern for any of the shops .
Charlie and the brown eyed girl and Fidelio faught like lions that were fighting among each other for the last scrap of meat and mannished to defaecate most of the henchmen.

But then the dark lord stapped forwar and spoke: “I know your secret!”
Then Fidelio said: “How do you know about Bone being a half vampire (a/n: or dhampire, really!)?”
Harken laughed and said: “you just told me! But also, I read it on the chosen one’s facebook!”

Charlie Bone gasped, he thaguht that he had posted it only for friends and not public! The bespacled boy had to be careful with his privacy settings because thye keep changing all the time (a/n: urrrgh, so annoying!)
But Harken did nothing but launching. Harken then said: but that is not what I had discovered!”
Oh no! both Fidelio and the witch gasped but Charlie could only think of. They did not know the truth. That Charlie was really rapped by Harken before Charlie even knew of Harken’s name!

“I know that it was you so long ago who I raped before me and did everything that I had ever wanted to do with sucgh a fine pretty piece of meat like you!We went to the park, played videogames, watched cartoons! It was great! When I raped you by touching your hand, I am truely sorry…that was an accident I admit”

Oh no! gasped Olivia and she felt really bad for Charlie because even though she knew that Charlie didn’t love her and was really depressed, she really didn’t expect this.
And Fidelio was also shocked because he knew the Naren and Asa knew a great secret that he didn’t know, he still didn’t know it was going to be this kind of secret!
The chosen one felt very depressed all the sudden. He lost the will to fight and dropped his weapon before Harken and villain laughed very loudly.
The tall man then said: “I have you now under my omplete spell like I had that so long ago!”

(A/N I wanted a cliff hanger here but I’m sooooo excited to share the next but of story with you! ” )

Meanwhile Amethyst joined the evil endowed.

A/N: I got bored and stopped writing, sorry.

Source: The Fanfic Maker


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