My Charlie Bone Themed Fan Fiction

  1. Harry Potter & the Children of the Red King: Harry becomes upset after Order of the Phoenix and goes to Bloors. Too bad for him, because Charlie Bone takes him on another adventure!
  2. Charlie Bone & the Mysterious Students: Takes place two years before Harry Potter & the Children of the Red King. Charlie Bone is a student at Bloor’s Academy when the school takes in five mysterious students. Charlie must find out who they are and why they are at Bloor’s.
  3. What the Children of the Red King don’t want you to know: This story goes against everything you thought you knew about Charlie Bone; expect silliness and out-of-character behavior!
  4. A Charlie Bone Story: Charlie Bone is just an ordinary boy without a care in the world. Or is he? With the arrival of a new and potentially dangerous student, can he defend himself or will an evil witch take over the world?
  5. The Old Traditional Story: In which Charlie Bone and his friends go on “the Greatest Adventure of their lives” while, the Bloors and their cohorts who are always up to no good must deal with the evil Lord Voldemort, who wants to take over the school.
  6. A Charlie Bone Sequel: The sequel to A Charlie Bone Story; in which Charlie must face danger in the forms of two angry children and a great battle that looms over the horizon…
  7. Tell Me a Story: Manfred Leaves Bloor’s: A short story about when Manfred decided to leave Bloor’s and find his mother.
  8. Tell Me a Story: Manfred Gets Rickroll’d: A short story in which Manfred gets “Rickroll’d” by Charlie and Billy.
  9. Boneless at Hogwarts: Charlie Bone is sent to Hogwarts, where he gets into even more trouble. First in the Boneless Trilogy.
  10. Harry Potter & the Children of the Red King 2: The sequel to the first story, which now has Harry being adopted by the Bloors and the war against Lord Voldemort gets worse.
  11. Charlie Bone & the Return of the Boa: the Blue Boa returns seeking Charlie’s help.
  12. Charlie Bone & the Wrath of the Sorcerer: Lyell Bone returns and gets revenge against the Bloors and Yewbeams.
  13. A Yewbeam Summer: Charlie spends an interesting summer with Henry Yewbeam.
  14. Of Bones & Campbells: in which very distant American cousins of Charlie Bone show up and Charlie must solve a mystery regarding them.
  15. A Charlie Bone Musical: in which everyone in Bloors must sing due to a musical curse that was placed on them.
  16. Tell Me A Story: Manfred Returns from Paris: Sequel to last year’s story “Manfred Leaves Bloor’s“. A year has passed and Manfred has returned to Bloors, having lived in Paris for a year. He is more than happy to see Charlie…slight slash
  17. Another Charlie Bone Story: 16 years after “A Charlie Bone Story” and 13 years after “A Charlie Bone Sequel“, Elva, Peter, and Giselle Yewbeam and Silas and Colin Bone must band together and stop an ancient evil from destroying their town!
  18. NO RESERVATIONS REQUIRED!: A year after “The Old Traditional Story“, Charlie and the others leave Bloor’s after a fight.
  19. Strange Things Happen in Bone Academy: The Bloor family has been killed off and Charlie’s family claims the school. But when a sinister evil rears its ugly head, can Charlie and his friends put an end to this evil?
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